Pasta or Potatoes?

Life in Palermo, Sicily, from an English point of view


A traveller’s tale

The little old man waiting at the side of the road showed little interest as the coach approached.  It was 8.30am, and the fields were red and gold in the early morning sun. There wasn’t bus stop in sight on this long isolated stretch of road that winds around the foothills of the Sicani Mountains … Continue reading A traveller’s tale

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I Beati Paoli

This week in Palermo temperatures have reached the dizzy heights of 45° which means any well-meaning intentions to repaint the outside of the house have been swapped for guilt free afternoons spent outside with feet in the paddling pool and a good book in hand. And what a good book it is.  An Italian tale … Continue reading I Beati Paoli

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Hello Again!

The last time I wrote on this blog it was a cold and dark November day.  I stopped ostensibly for my Italian exams (taken and passed) and then work and winter happened and before I knew it six months had passed and I as I am writing this we are in the midst of a … Continue reading Hello Again!

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A Nice Cup of Tea

I’ve been too busy recently studying for my Italian exams to update this blog so while normal service is temporarily suspended I’ll leave you with a piece of journalism from a great English writer, George Orwell.  This piece was first published in the Evening Standard newspaper in 1946. A Nice Cup of Tea By George … Continue reading A Nice Cup of Tea

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It always makes me laugh to hear an imitation of my accent. In my head I speak text-book Italian, each syllable enunciated to perfection. To the Italians I drawl, elongating vowels that should be barked with a military precision; it makes me sound like a character from Brideshead. This is my dog Peter and he’s … Continue reading Peetah

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Tea for two

My first day here was spent in a fug of confusion, doubt and tiredness. Exhilaration had slowly dissipated in the final few days of feverish packing and tearful goodbyes and left in its place worry and regret. It is no wonder therefore that the first thing I wanted was to put the kettle on and … Continue reading Tea for two

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Are you English?

I was inspired to start this blog with the realisation that after six years of living in Sicily, I still don’t feel particularly Italian. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t embraced the Sicilian way of life.  There are some lifestyle choices that I would find difficult to renounce, 3 o’clock siesta I’m looking at you, … Continue reading Are you English?

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