Certified / Sworn Translations

EnglishPlease can provide a certified translation of any document.  The service is performed by certified translator Elizabeth Fraser, a native English speaker and a technical consultant at the Court of Palermo. Each certified translation is signed, stamped and is attached to a “Certificate of Accurate Translation” which attests to its authenticity.

Sworn Translations
The translator swears under oath at the courts that the translation is a faithful reproduction of the original. The service of certifying the translation and legalising (or the apostille) should it be necessary can be done on the same day.

REQUIREMENTS: The translator must appear in person at the courts with the original, a certified copy or photocopy of the document and its translation. These documents are added to the minutes of the oath. 
It is recommended that the original documents be presented for the signing of the oath on the grounds that they might be required for subsequent legalisation (or apostille for countries who have adhered to the Hague Convention).  A revenue stamp of € 16.00 is required for every 100 lines, or every 4 pages (i.e. the first, fifth, ninth, thirteenth, etc. including the oath) and a revenue stamp of €3.68 is required for the oath.

The documents can be sent anywhere in the world using recorded delivery. Delivery times and costs depend on the size of the document, the destination country, and urgency.

For a customised quote or further information please go to the Contact Details page and complete the form or send an email to info.englishplease@gmail.com.