Making sure you’re understood

An Italian-English translation service offering quality, accurate, and professional translations specialising in the field of business and law.

Certified / Sworn Translations

EnglishPlease can provide a certified translation of any document.  The service is performed by certified translator Elizabeth Fraser, a native English speaker and a technical consultant at the Court of Palermo. Each certified translation is signed, stamped and is attached to a “Certificate of Accurate Translation” which attests to its authenticity. Sworn Translations The translator swears under … Continue reading Certified / Sworn Translations

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Business & Law

EnglishPlease specialises in the field of business and law. I can translate and certify, should it be necessary, your contracts, sales documents, insurance documents, deeds of sale, and any other documents you might need. I can also write your marketing copy, translate your website, and make sure that your products take pride of place on … Continue reading Business & Law

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Literary Translations

Business is my… well business, but books are my passion and I have been very fortunate to have translated the books of some fantastic authors including: “The Artificer” from the selection of short stories by Costanza Colombo and “When snow falls in March” by Michela Barcella (both available in e-book formats), and “A Sicilian Dynasty” … Continue reading Literary Translations

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Contact details

For quotes or further information, please complete the form below. Documents should be attached to the email address under the form: Email: Tel: 333 3452351

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Courses in Legal English

Coming in September to Palermo. Cambridge ESOL International Legal English Certificate (ILEC) courses. The ILEC is an examination set at Levels B2 and CI of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It assesses language skills in the context of International commercial law. ILEC assesses whether candidates whose first language is not English have … Continue reading Courses in Legal English

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